FOBD Newsletter: Notes on Dance/Hartwell

The following were notes for the FOBD Newsletter from Assistant Professor Anne Burnidge:

Again we had a very successful DANCE/Hartwell concert this fall. Each semester the students have the opportunity to have their work adjudicated by faculty members and student representatives to be selected for the student choreographed concerts in Hartwell Hall and Strasser Studio. This fall we showcased Jenny Showalter’s MFA Thesis work, “Gridlocked Velocity” as part of the Hartwell concert.Photo of Jenny Showalter Jenny’s research involved studying the effects of physical training on a dancer’s ability to execute athletic dance movement. She gave her dancers different conditioning tasks such as running and lifting weights and tracked their success. Her choreography wove together dynamic athletic movement with shapes and forms that one might observe at different athletic events.

Filling out the concert were works by undergraduate and graduate choreographers. These pieces range from the upbeat and energetic “Perseverance” by Brittany Falcon, to the intimate “We Don’t Live Here” by Sarah Moore, to the meditative and enigmatic “Sepia Enduring” by Melinda Planey, to the physically challenging “Breakthrew” by Marcia Vanderlee. These pieces were a strong reminder of the range of styles that exist in modern dance and of the breadth of talent of SUNY Brockport’s student choreographers and dancers.

Friends of Brockport Dance Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 1 (January 2008)

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