FOBD Newsletter: Notes from Members of the FOBD Officers and Board of Directors

Note from Gregory Bell, Secretary:

Why am I helping to create and build the Friends of Brockport Dance? In addition to a love of the arts and dance, an important reason for me is that I identify with the students in the Department of Dance at SUNY Brockport because I struggled with funding my education while I was in college at the University of Chicago and, later, in law school. I worked throughout college and law school, sometimes nearly 40 hours a week while taking classes full-time. I consumed a lot of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, ramen, and the other staples of those who put themselves through college. I know that my studies and my career choices and opportunities (especially in law school) were affected and, in some cases, limited by the amount of work I did to keep myself in food and rent. That reality hasn’t changed for students. Talent in dance and other arts does not care whether who it is bestowed upon has the economic means to come to a world-class program like that at SUNY Brockport–it just lands on them. It’s a tragedy when a dancer’s art and his or her talent is not fully realized due to lack of funds. The Friends of Brockport Dance was created to help the Department of Dance address that issue.

While my wife Dianna Leach and I couldn’t help as much with providing funds (still paying off those law school loans…), through the company we are building, D.S. Leach Consulting, Inc., we decided that we could provide our time instead. We have done so through something in which that I have found a passion–blogging and the use of online social media to promote the arts–building [this] site for the FOBD to help attract new members and to build a community to support dance at SUNY Brockport in Rochester and its environs. In addition, we have worked with the other founding members of the organization to begin building a strong arts organization to raise the funds necessary to create scholarships to help the Department of Dance keep attracting and keeping the talented student dancers who make it one of the best dance education programs in the country.

A Note from Joyce DeHaan, Director, and Jerry Fisher, Treasurer:

Our business travels bring us across the world to see many of the great dance companies. We are always delighted and proud of the exceptional dance we see right here at SUNY Brockport. It is fresh, inspiring, and so full of diversity and variety. We are indeed so pleased that such a world-class resource is right in our own backyard. That’s why we joined the Friends of Brockport Dance and why we continue to support it.

Friends of Brockport Dance Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 1 (January 2008)

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3 Responses to FOBD Newsletter: Notes from Members of the FOBD Officers and Board of Directors

  1. Mike Sondow says:

    Is FOBD going to do a write-up of the 2015 Dance Alumni Showcase, which took place at Dixon Place in NYC this past June?

  2. ;ichael Sondow says:

    It’s nice to see FOBD up and running again after a two year hiatus. I would personally like to see some mention of the 2017 Alumni Choreographers’ Showcase. Thanks.

    • Department of Dance says:

      Hello Michael,
      Happy New Year to you. Mariah Maloney here. I will look into having an article written on the 2017 Alumni Choreographer’s Showcase. Thanks for the note and I hope this finds you well.

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