Dance Awareness Days 2015 & Hip Hop Residency

By Jordan Demetrius Lloyd


What better way to bring about awareness for dance, then to dance! Dance Awareness Days is an annual event hosted by the Student Dance Organization (SDO) to bring forth some Awareness towards dance and all that it has to offer. The purpose of the event is not to disrupt the school day or curriculum, but to allow students of the department, campus, and surrounding community the opportunity to explore different movement styles and gain valuable experience within the art of dance.

The event also serves as a recruiting tool for high school students and is conveniently held during most high schools’ winter break in our area. The faculty, grad students and guest artists are all given the opportunity to teach a technique style that may not be offered normally. This could be a technique of specific interest to the faculty member/ guest artist, which would benefit those who will attend this event. With hopes that everyone leaves the event feeling both physically and artistically satisfied, Dance Awareness Days is an event that SDO looks forward to every year. Check out this year’s schedule (above) for a list of which guest artists will be teaching at Brockport!

By Baylee Simpson (in collaboration with Juanita Suarez) 

The NDEO Brockport Student Chapter (National Dance Education Organization) in collaboration with SDO (Student Dance Organization) and Dance Awareness Days is excited to announce a tri-university Hip Hop Dance Residency featuring guest artist, Rodney Hill, company manager for Rennie Harris Puremovement (RHPM). Rodney Hill will be flying to Brockport from Philadelphia to offer a Hip-Hop master class Saturday, February 21st in Strasser at 10:00 – 11:30 am, which will be followed by an informal discussion about Hip Hop. Hill will discuss his childhood experience as an African-American in inner city Philadelphia and his journey from the streets to a professional hip-hop company. College at Brockport students will have the opportunity to take a fun class and afterwards, ask questions about what life as a Hip Hop artist may be like. Rodney’s residency will be shared with dancers at the University of Buffalo (February 20th, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm) and the University of Rochester (February 20th, 3:00 – 4:30 pm).

Hip Hop is an art form that embraces diversity and gives voice to a new generation. Emerging from inner-city African American and Latin communities, Hip Hop has expanded racial and economic boundaries. RHPM’s rich, cultural movement deconstructs the perception of hip-hop while expanding its boundaries. The Hip Hop movement logically developed out of a trajectory of expressive dance development as established by Break Dancers who creatively addressed oppression in the Bronx (1960′s). Like Break Dancing, Hip Hop maintains its’ competitive edge in a way that is fruitful and celebratory, yet daring and political.

Hip Hop

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