MFA Thesis Premieres This Weekend in DANCE/Strasser

By Sara Caplan

Third-year MFA candidate Bethany Good will premiere her choreographic thesis in Spring DANCE/Strasser. Friends of Brockport Dance Blog sat down to chat with Bethany about her work.

What themes are you exploring in your work?

Bethany: In terms of process I was interested in somatic practice and how that practice could inform movement generation. I was also interested in anatomical information and how that information and experience could lead to and affect movement. Compositionally, I was exploring the building of momentum and how that momentum settles out.

Can you discuss the process of working with your dancers?

Bethany: I have been working with 5 dancers. We started with a lot of breathing exercises and we spent a lot of time tapping into the sensation of somatic practices. I was interested in the kinds of feelings that came up during these bodily experiences and what those feelings inspired. We also played with anatomical structure. For example, I had my dancers pair up and use the structure of the scapula and shoulder joint to physically move each other. From that experience, we improvised using the information we had gathered and created phrases from those ideas.

What has been your favorite thing about working on your choreographic thesis?

Bethany: I think my favorite thing has been the playfulness of the process. I didn’t necessarily enter this process with an end goal and because of that I have had the luxury of exploration. It allows me to feel comfortable with changing things throughout the process.

What has been most difficult for you about this work?

Bethany: In the same sense that it has been great being able to change things, it has been frustrating making changes that just don’t work out. Trying to figure out what is missing has been a little difficult.

What are you hoping to show the audience?

Bethany: I didn’t go into the process hoping that my audience would see specific things. As I’ve gone through this process I’ve realized that I’m hoping the audience will experience the juxtaposition of this world that I’ve created with their own world.

In addition to Bethany’s thesis, sinksizzlesimmersync, DANCE/Strasser will feature works by undergraduates Skyler Bell, Melissa Froats, Emily Gerst, Cammie McCarthy, Andrea Montez, Marissa Subik and Baylee Simpson, and graduate students Marissa Aucoin, Allison Bohman and Samantha Johnson.

DANCE/Strasser opens on Thursday, March 5 with additional performances on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7. All performances start at 7:30pm.

Bethany Thesis

(Rehearsal photo from Bethany’s MFA thesis process)

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