Dancing Into Summer with Brockport Summer Dance!

By Allison Bohman

As the Spring 2015 semester comes to a close, members of the Brockport dance community take a moment to pause and reflect upon a busy and successful year.  With commencement only a few days away, many students will be heading home for summer vacation, or planning visits to other regions of the country to embark on summer dance intensives.  This year however, students do not need to go all that far to find an excellent dance intensive.  There is an exciting new summer dance opportunity right here in Brockport!

This summer the Department of Dance at The College at Brockport is hosting the first ever Brockport Summer Dance—a weeklong intensive focusing on contemporary technique, repertory and choreography from May 18-22, 2015.  In this intensive, intermediate to advanced dancers will have the opportunity to study with internationally renowned choreographer David Dorfman and members of David Dorfman Dance, as well as other professionals in the dance field.   It is an outstanding opportunity for students from around the country to participate in an affordable dance residency program while providing the visiting professionals with rehearsal space throughout their stay.

Maura Keefe, associate professor and coordinator of the visiting artist residencies for the Department of Dance, is thrilled with the plans for this year.  In the press release she states, “The Department of Dance has a strong, ongoing relationship with David Dorfman. The company was in residence in 2013, with the support of an American Democracy Project grant. Students at Brockport have been exposed to Dorfman’s work through their experiences with Karl Rogers, who is both an assistant professor in the department and a member of the company.”  In addition to Karl Rogers (Red Dirt Dance), other Dorfman company members such as Kendra Portier, (BAND|portier), and Christina Robson will be leading activities such as open rehearsals, public discussions, and showings choreographed and/or performed by David Dorfman Dance.

Students are also looking forward to this inaugural year of Brockport Summer Dance.  BFA sophomore Chloe London states in an interview, “I am extremely excited to be intensively dancing with a professional dance company in the studios that I take class in throughout the year. Being able to implement all the information I have just absorbed in my body from this semester into a week of fresh and invigorating movement and educational experiences will positively impact how I take on the rest of the summer. I am looking forward to welcoming a variety of movers into our Brockport home to make a new chapter of memories with.  I can’t wait!”

MFA candidate Morgan Bernat is also attending the intensive to help prepare herself for a year of thesis work at Brockport.  “I’m excited to immerse myself in moving and thinking about moving for an entire day, following a year of hectic activity. I think it’s going to be a great way for me to ease into a summer of thinking, creating, and writing around my thesis. I’m also super thrilled to have the opportunity to work with David Dorfman, someone who I have not yet had the chance to work with. His work inspires and excites me in its’ creation and context. David Dorfman has this incredible ability to take large ideas and concepts and abstract them into work that’s rigorous and asks the audience pertinent, interesting questions.”

The Department of Dance is partnering with New York State DanceForce to select choreographers from outside the region to host at Brockport Summer Dance in 2016.  New York State DanceForce member and professor emerita from the College at Brockport Jacquie Davis stated in the press release, “This is an exciting opportunity to support artists in their research and to provide dancers with an intensive experience.”  Brockport has a legacy of bringing outstanding dance to the Rochester community and this summer intensive is another example of the Department of Dance’s drive towards building opportunities for dancers to develop their artistry.

To learn more about this intensive or to register, click here or contact Nicole Kaplan (Brockport MFA alumna), the administrator of this exciting event.

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