Who are the Friends of Brockport Dance?

During the past 40 years, dance at The College at Brockport has grown to become one of the leading dance programs in the country. Its faculty, facilities and programs are recognized for their excellence throughout the world of dance.  However, many of the finest students (from the US and abroad) go to college elsewhere due to the lack of resources for Brockport to offer talent-based scholarships.

The competition for the best-prepared and most-promising students is intense. With the support of scholarships, an increasing number of Brockport dance alumni will be able to assume positions of leadership in dance performance, education, research and administration, within the Greater Rochester Area, nationally and abroad.

The Friends of Brockport Dance has been formed as:

  • Engaged, informed, proactive members of the Greater Rochester arts community who recognize the significance of arts and education.
  • An organization dedicated to supporting the Brockport Department of Dance on its way to becoming a world class school of dance.